Dearest Music Heads,

It has been many months since my last email, and I’ve missed seeing you, hearing your stories and getting your amazing music recommendations!

When the fire first occurred in November, it looked as though Touch would be up and running again within weeks- but as insurance companies, landlords, inspectors, renters and the DWP became involved it was clear that we would instead need to remain closed for a much longer period of time...

Over the course of these past nine months, I watched as all the furniture, turntables, record racks and inventory was removed from the shop and the space where we shared so many beautiful days and nights became once again a blank slate.

The mojo and spirit that we cultivated together beneath the palm trees has, like a castle in the sand, returned to some great and gorgeous ocean.

And so, it is with some pain that I tell you now, Touch Vinyl record shop in West LA is definitively and permanently closed.

While I will dearly miss the lifestyle of the record shop owner, and while I’m sure you will miss live music on Sawtelle and the eclectic selection of new and used records that Touch provided- there is a lot of good news. There are a lot of things which mean we succeeded together in our mission to build community through music!

First, I am very happy to see that our community is still interconnected in great ways. Many of you work together, spin together, see each other at shows, play music together, or simply smile knowingly when you spot a Touch sticker on a laptop or bumper. I still receive emails of gratitude from former customers, bands and DJs whose lives were enriched in some small way by Touch.

The community we built is one that I want to continue to foster- at the very least through this email blast. I’m thinking of continuing these emails with ticket giveaways, live show promotions, and record pre-order and special order possibilities. If you have thoughts on this, or any message for me and my cohorts please do reply to this email!

Next up, I’m very glad to report that we have a ton of inventory ready for sale and that you will get first dibs. We'll host a clearance sale with 50% off everything that was left in the shop at the time of the fire. I expect to conduct this sale/party over the course of one weekend between back to school and Christmas so stay on this list and stay tuned. Join me there and we'll have a proper farewell! Oh how the adult sodas shall flow!

My dear music heads- In a world that continues to myopically embrace the mainstream at every possible opportunity, you are the ones fighting the good fight by keeping your eyes and ears wide open. You are the ones with great and discerning taste. Please don’t let frustration or disappointment get in the way of your personal mission to build community through music, and through the thousand other beautiful things that connect us as free beings.

Love and light to you, until we meet again,

Sebastian -

with extra special thanks to Spencer, Sean, Ali, David, Jade, Nikolai, Jordan, Rynn, Alex, Sheida, Hossein, Mal, Jay, Chip, Sarah, Xack and all the beautiful volunteers and interns that assisted us over the years…

Touch closed today, 11/19!

When a fire starts to burn, right? And it starts to spread-

Everyone is OK but...

An electrical fire started in the side unit adjoining the record shop at about 7am this morning! The West LA fire department came by and put it out forthwith, thus saving the record shop!

There is already a team on site restoring power to the building and despite the campfire smell that may linger for a bit in the shop, we’ll be able to do business again once it’s restored. We will however be closed today and indefinitely until that time.

We apologize for the inconvenience!





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