That's the Spirit! // the beauty and strength of women united.

"Only when a seed completely loses it self in the earth can it sprout and become a tree." - Osho

On January 21, hundreds of thousands of men and women gathered in peace, in real life, around the world to voice their opinions and be heard. Did you ever imagine you would witness or be a part of such an event? Can you imagine the wonderful and powerful places these demonstrations could lead? 

A few of our wonderful customers were kind enough to share their photos from rallies across the nation. Righteous displays of the Aquarian Age! Thank you Alarica, Dayna, Miriam, Rachel and Kirstin in LA, DC, NM and SF respectively!

// Sundays have a wonderful rhythm and vibe. It leads me to reflections and revelations that I want to share with you in humility and support. That's the Spirit! is posted every Sunday.