That's The Spirit! // All Five Senses.

This shop is called Touch Vinyl for a lot of reasons, but the primary one is that with the advent and uprise of entertainment technologies and the cloud has come a proportional decrease in the sensual experience of entertainment... The ultra-dimensional and varied sense of touch has been reduced to the touch of a screen and this shop serves as a reminder that there are a lot more satisfying types of touch.

After a beautiful weekend reflecting on the power of sense, I realized that in everything we do, we can engage the five senses. When we cook, when we kiss, when we exercise, when we communicate, the five senses are available to us and enrich our experience. Ignorance of even one of the senses during these activities means that we are missing out on the dimensionality of life! 

We are sensual beings. It is our birthright. So don't just touch vinyl- hear it, smell it, look at it adoringly and yes, when no one is watching, give that licorice pizza a taste.