New Releases // 2.3.17

I've been bumping my promo of Moon Duo on almost every shift! It's the kinda of traveling prog rock that just makes you want summer fests to come back around so you can spark in a field somewhere. It's also got beautiful 80's new wave elements that show up to my surprise and delight on repeated listens. 

I just received the SAMPHA promo digitally and I bumped it once. Only once. That's because it's the one piece of wax I'm buying for myself this week. Sampha has meant so much to me in the years past, that I owe him a real listen on his long awaited debut LP. From co-launching SBTRKT, to one of the most devastatingly beautiful EPs I have the pleasure of owning (DUAL) to the best tracks on Wonder Where We Land? Sampha deserves our full attention, and nothing will spin better on this rainy day in LA.

- Seb