touch vinyl now selling stumptown cold brew coffee!

Have you ever popped into your local record store in the dog days of summer, dehydrated and delirious, flipping listlessly through the bins with your sweat-caked hands, trying and failing to make your sunstroke-addled brain remember what the hell you were even looking for? We have heard your cries, and we have the solution.

Touch has been looking for a good cold brew coffee to offer the weary sidewalk warriors who come crawling and gasping through our doors in the brutal LA summer months- and who better to partner with than one of the pioneers of cold brew, Stumptown!

Brewed for over 12 hours without heat and double filtered, Stumptown's cold brew is butter-smooth with low acidity. We're proud to offer Stumptown's original Cold Brew Coffee in their signature stubby bottle, and the creamy Nitro Cold Brew in a handy pop top can.