That's the Spirit // Our Community is Strong.

Dearest Music Heads,

This past week, I had the pleasure of hosting a house guest whose intelligence and insights helped me see and feel more clearly what I love about our little community.

My friend's publication is Newspeak. And her stunning ability to both gather and pass on relevant information have meant that I have seen and heard things so shocking about the state of the world that I feel as though I am caught in some incredible farce, or what Father John Misty might call, a Pure Comedy...

While I often laugh at the news, these giggles underlie feelings that run the gamut from incredulity to anxiety, restlessness and hopelessness. 

These feelings, I suspect, are also present within you to some degree. I assume this because of the fact that we are a community. We are a community of people who choose to use in a discerning fashion, all of our five senses. And it is this exact sensual practice which now finds us noticing in unison, the number of elephants in the room...

My friend kindly impressed upon me the importance of places like the record shop, the independent coffee shop and the library. She mentioned that if she were campaigning for an elected post, that she would visit these places regularly to talk with those who notice their circumstances and care enough to learn more- to do more. 

All of this is to say that I am grateful for you. Each of you that visits this site or reads our weekly email- our community at large- of music listeners, of newsreaders, of open-hearted beings who, while anxious about the world we live in, still remember and believe that there is more to experience than what is handed down to us by companies like Pepsi.

My very best wishes to you in your continued journey to seek out the very best that life and art has to offer. You are the torch-bearers of American Culture and our last best hope at a world united.


thank you

The holiday rush was completely invigorating this year! I felt like Santa Claus doing everything I could to get fine wax to all the good kids of LA this year. 

Thank you for your support of our shop and thinking of us when you give gifts with love. We're excited for a new year with you!

- Sebastian