That's the Spirit! // Too much work?

This past week I worked more hours in the shop than I have since year one when I had no employees at all!

Before this week, I had gotten used to a leisurely 25 hours a week here. When I saw that I would have to work in excess of 45 this week I grumbled, I frowned, and worst of all, I expected that it would hurt me in some way and leave me exhausted.

Today, as the long work week wraps up, I find instead that I am energized, inspired and grateful for all this shop and its supporters have given me over the years. Indeed work and exercise can be invigorating instead of tiring!

Routines are great, but they often lead us to limiting beliefs about ourselves and our capabilities. Why should we ever preemptively underestimate our ability to change, or our ability to enjoy change when it happens? 

// Sundays have a wonderful rhythm and vibe. They lead me to reflections and revelations that I want to share with you in humility and support. That's the Spirit! is posted every Sunday.