That's The Spirit! // The Long Way Around.

Today, while enjoying a cup of tea at my favorite coffee shop, Funnel Mill in SM, I overheard a couple of tech-heads discussing their newest app idea. What they proposed was a service for hotels allowing customers to use a tablet in their room for concierge service. Need extra pillows? Want room service? This app would mean that you wouldn't have to call down to the front desk, but instead simply tap the app, preloaded with your personal preferences, to receive what you need.

I was struck by how well the man pitched his idea, making it seem like calling down, dealing with people and waiting for them to do their job was antiquated, ridiculous even in our 21st century lifestyles. And then I realized that he was the one being silly, that leaving tablets in each room, and loading our own app with preferences and then avoiding a simple phonecall was the long way around.

How many times a day does technology facilitate our taking the long way around? When we tweet are we not trying to receive some comisseration that could be achieved by calling a friend or writing a letter to the editor? When we use Tinder, are we not taking the long way around to meeting someone new?