and the age of aquarius?

Quoted from our email distro sent out 1/10/17.

Dearest Souls,
Today is the one year anniversary of David Bowie's passage from our world to the stars from which he came.

If you didn't already know, your reaction may be, "what? It's already been a year?!" Yes, time flies. But not just when you're having fun...

Time flies because we 21st century do most things way too fast. All the richness of life and love and music is passing us by!

As a record shop curating artifacts of love and creativity, we are well positioned to buck this dangerous trend. We can take things slow. We can appreciate how good inconvenience is for the soul and we can offer a better overall entertainment experience by simply taking our time.

So in the spirit of the Aquarian Age, we endeavor this year to make a stronger connection with you who have kept us alive for coming up on five years. We opened a brick and mortar shop so that you could browse our bins, talk with knowledgable sales associates and relate to your fellow humans. Our mission, and our joy is to build a real community, not an internet community.

As a result,

we will no longer be active on social media.

We will put our saved time and energy into the shop itself, into our weekly email, our website, and into emails and phone calls directly to you. Rely on us to give you exultant entertainment experiences, and we'll rely on you to seek us out...

If you have thoughts, questions, record requests or just want to talk give me a call at 310.933.5540 or email me at I'm here for you- not just as a record shop owner but as a friend and ally on your journey of self discovery!

Love and light to you in this most powerful year of transformation and self-mastery!