DJ 101

DJ 101 is Touch Vinyl's comprehensive set of classes designed to teach you how to spin records!  Our hands-on instruction will teach you the fundamentals of mixing, blending, and scratching. No matter what type of music you like or goals you have, Semi-private DJ 101 classes will teach you the fundamentals to get started on your journey!

DJ 101 is a three class pack that we offer for $250. Each session is 120 minutes long (60 minutes of teaching, 60 minutes of practice) and we have both Saturday and Sunday morning sessions staring at 10am available year round! Scroll down to learn more and sign up! As soon as you do, we'll be in touch to schedule your series!

Class One

  1. DJ History - from the phonograph to the technics 1200, you'll learn the basics of how sound is transmitted and amplified from a vinyl record to your ears...
  2. Basic Etiquette - The difference between 33s and 45s, how to handle, clean and collect records.
  3. Keep the Beat - Learn what a beat is, and why it's so important for a DJ to stay on it!

Class Two

  1. BPM - Learn how to count beats per minute. The power of the head nod and foot tap.
  2. DJ Gear - How to setup gear for your home system and troubleshooting at gigs.
  3. Scratching - Hand placement, ambidexterity pracite and dropping on "the one".

Class Three

  1. Mixing - Locking the beat, dropping on the one, Major pitch adjustments and nudging/breaking manual adjustments, repeat! You've made it!
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